I am an educational design practitioner and theorist, working across disciplines and media.

I have presented both nationally and internationally, and published journal articles, reviews and book chapters on a range of themes, from digital pedagogy and philosophical aesthetics to the politics of memory and the principles of emancipatory design.

Despite my deep theoretical understanding of the principles of pedagogy and learner experience design (LXD) I get immense pleasure getting my 'hands dirty' and finding practical solutions to all manner of educational design problems. I am a highly articulate advocate of applying UX/UI principles, and have worked with some of the leading names in Australia's UX community to formulate solutions for some of the country's major players in the tertiary education sector.

My background in learning/educational design has meant exposure to one of the largest and most demanding digital markets, and this experience is what gives me the edge when 'thinking virtual/digital' while working under pressure and to deadlines.

Click on the images below to get a quick snapshot of the range of work I have created and collaborated on, and feel free to contact me should you have any enquiries, at andrewwear@me.com

Not only am I interested in generating ideas about learner experience design (as evident in this reimagining of Jesse James Garret's classic Elements of UX Design graphic); I'm interested in presenting theories and ideas in a way that engage the viewer.

I love exploring new navigational options and looking for elegant solutions to learning problems. Above is some wireframe work developed to demonstrate how students might get a functional overview of their progress through their learning materials. I am fluent in both competency-based learning principles and the range of pedagogical theories applied to tertiary learning. Importantly, I know how and when to apply the appropriate theory to particular courses or disciplines.





(Left) Design for lecture given during Architecture Week 2009. (Right) During the planning for the new Design faculty Communications degree, our remit was clear: simple, clean and intuitive. A rich experience that captures the sense of community on campus and that has the scope to develop practical skills. The gallery, the video tutorials but more importantly, the responsive design, ensure that online students can enjoy the same rich experience of 'the studio' as their on-campus contemporaries.


This and the following image are examples of how I enjoy mixing analogue elements into the design - this is for an exhibition I had some years back. As a skilled copy writer and editor, I can provide supporting text, as demonstrated in the accompanying artist's statement.



(Above) I'm really interested in retaining traditional design ideas and practices, as well as being resourceful and thinking about sustainability. This is a record I produced some years ago...a limited-edition, hand screen printed EP that was made using old record sleeves turned inside-out and re-glued. The interesting thing about this project was its value as a marketing campaign. The production attracted the attention of many local and national media outlets. Don't dismiss any ideas!





Another large project was the design and production of a gatefold-sleeve double album - extending my skills to create a beautiful, tactile product from conception to production - all stages covered. This involved mastery of digital software for recording and design. For the inserts, I again wanted to think about analog vs digital; vibrant colours, or industrial greyscale...

 The finished product.

The finished product.